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Ripple House : 1960

700 Treehouse Ln, Sacramento, CA

Size unknown
Demolished circa 2005

..a 1960 Sparks design
on a beautiful, tree-covered, 1.3-acre
parcel on Treehouse Lane recently
was demolished to build two quite
large Granite Bay-style houses.
- From Inside Arden : Home Matters, 06/2005. Kerry Phillips, Author

O : Richard C Ripple M.D. , 1970
( Dr Ripple was the President of the Sacramento Society for Medical Improvement, circa 1960)

*JD Sparks says this was not a Sparks design. However, Builder Pete Minarick and his daughter, Cherry, identify it as a Sparks design. It was not one of their favorites ("small, weird brick"), and it was probably torn down due to lack of maintenance.

Image from Digital Globe Satellite Maps circa 2002.