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Anshen & Allen

Anshen & Allen Custom Residential Work

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What involvement did Sparks have with any of these works -- whether inspiration, client visits, construction management, ect? Also, Anshen + Allen projects compiled here because there doesn't seem to be an archive of their work on the Net yet and they deserve one.


1940 - Ralph K Davies House, 122 Lakeview Drive, Woodside, CA (Thomas D Church landscapes) (Maynard Parker Photos)

1949 - Herschel and Sonya Silverstone Residence, Taxco, Mexico (Maynard Parker Photos)

194x - Willard C Mills Residence, Near Danville, CA (Arch Record, Feb 1951)

1950 - Anshen Model House (Eichler), Palo Alto, CA (Maynard Parker Photos)

1951 - William Winter Residence, Kent Woodlands, CA (Rondel Partridge Photos)

1951 - Horsley Residence, 2 Hilferd Way, Danville, CA (DEMOLISHED 2014)

1951 - Emmons House, Carmel, CA (Maynard Parker photographer)

1951 - Eichler Residence, Atherton, CA (ERW landscape)(Maynard Parker Photos)

1951/53 - Zurcher House, 68 Selby Ln, Atherton, CA (Eichler Homes Model AA 222)(DEMOLISHED, 1990)

1951 - Oliver Boyer House, Sacramento, CA (DEMOLISHED, 2007)

1951 - Bach House, 16 Irving Ave, Atherton, CA - One of the Original 5 Lindenwood "Test Eichlers"; laboratories where Lillian Eichler would try out new features. More from Suzanne Dunn at glassboxeichler (DEMOLISHED, 2015)

1952 - Joseph DeJesus House, Santa Clara, CA

1952 - Residence, Menlo Park, CA (Maynard Parker Photos)

1953 - Ernest N Moore House, Yankee Point, Carmel, CA

1953 - Joe Chamberlain Residence, Sonoma County (ERW landscape)

1953 - James Agee Residence, Berkeley, CA (Maynard Parker Photos)

1954 - Crocker House, San Rafael, CA (Roger Sturtevant Photos)(NorCalMod, p. 275)

1956 - John R Burnham House, 34 Country Club Drive, Suisun City, CA (Stone Stecatti photos)

1957 - Gavello Residence, 72 Barry Ln, Atherton, CA (DEMOLISHED, 2014)

1957 - Doty Home, San Francisco, CA (George Knight Photos)(NorCalMod, p. 278)

195? - Kantor Residence, Palo Alto, CA (Eichler)(Maynard Parker Photos)

1960 - Zanetti House, San Francisco, CA (Stone & Stecatti Photos)(NorCalMod, p. 253)